Anyssa grew up in Metro Detroit area with her father, grandmother and younger brother, graduated high school and like many young adults contemplating future plans. Anyssa spent a few years working in retail, restaurants and pre-school programming while she completed a certificate program in medical billing. Landing her first job in a brand new In-Patient Psychiatric facility in the heart of Downtown Detroit called Circle of Life she carried out a few different roles and interacted with patients as they were being admitted. After about a year, she felt there was more she could do to impact patient care. She decided to attend Ferris State University where she pursued a degree in health. While attending school she worked with children in the local public schools after school program.  After a few years transferring to Grand Valley State University to complete her Bachelor's of Science in Health Communications. Following graduation she worked in residential services of Pine Rest with adolescent boys and Kalamazoo Community Mental Health as a Program Specialist supporting program development and evaluation, community education, family support of loved ones with mental health issues and facilitating support groups. It was shortly after taking this role on that her supervisor mentored her and urged her to pursue grad school in social work. Anyssa completed her Masters of Social Work at GVSU and her practicum in Child Protection and Emergency Medicine. She went on to work for local hospital and health systems across West Michigan in Skilled Nursing, ER, OB, Cancer, ICU, Med/Surg, school based services and In-Patient Psychiatric Hospitals as a therapist/case manager. 

One thing she felt was missing was addressing the somatic symptoms associated to mental health issues. Often her patients she would see or hear how they suffered from physical ailments as a result of their thoughts and emotions. Anyssa had engaged in her own yoga practice to alleviate tension, pain as a result of spinal curvatures and for her own self care related to her profession. She encouraged agencies she worked at to include education on how the body is affected by mental health but felt there was little motivation for incorporating this into treatment. This led to a decision to start her own business that focused on mental and physical health. Recognizing that as humans we carry emotions in our bodies. We have a certain thoughts that trigger an associated feeling and those emotions translate into sensations in the body which then affect how we react or behave in response to stressors . These responses can lead to healthy or unhealthy coping skills or patterns. Anyssa wanted to focus her work on the whole person; mind, body and soul and provide practical solutions or tools to helping people address life experiences with psychological flexibility and functionally adapt along their life journey. 

Today, she resides in Grand Rapids area and provides individual and couples counseling working with children, adolescents and adults focusing on social-emotional regulation, depression/anxiety, mood/anger, divorce/co-parenting, marriage and postpartum issues at her Grand Rapids office and via Tele-Health. She incorporates mindfulness concepts as a therapeutic tool in her practice as well as psychosomatic focused yoga groups in various mental health agencies. Anyssa fosters student development as a Medical Case Management Professor at Davenport University and sits on the College of Health Professions and Medical Case Managment Advisory Boards and has provided on-going field work for MSW students from local grad school programs. Anyssa is a Junior League of Grand Rapids member and volunteers as a therapist to the Postpartum support group of Spectrum Health Healthier Communities. 

Anyssa's mission in founding MIND.BODY.SOULutions was to connect people with practical solutions in addressing symptoms of our mind and body.  Her practice focuses on mental and physical health to improve psychosomatic symptoms but also improving the way you think, feel and act. Anyssa has also completed trauma sensitive yoga training through Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga, social emotional and school based kids yoga training through Yoga Ed, Barre Connect training through NETA and has completed training through MOSSA in cycling.  Anyssa loves to go paddle boarding and teaches a variety of fitness classes like yoga, barre and indoor cycling at MVP Sports clubs, Yoga Fever in addition to corporate health classes at various organizations. She also considers herself a fur-mama to a beautiful golden retriever named Kenzey, a huge fan of hockey and football (Go Green!) and lover of anything you can do that involves the lakes this Great State providses to us. 

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Please consult a physician before engaging in any physical activity. Yoga and any other fitness services offered are not meant to treat or cure any illness but may aid in the relief of symptoms.