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It's a new year, 2018, sometimes I can't believe it! 


It's amazing to think that I'm approaching the two year anniversary of starting my own business with this vision that our mind and body are connected and must be treated as a whole in all we do whether mental health, physical health or behavioral. We are human beings made up of thoughts, emotions and those very things affect how we act or behave. After completing my MSW I began working in an inpatient mental health agency working with adults and adolescents providing case management, individual and group therapy work. Consistently, I saw psychotherapy and psychopharmacology management but nothing addressing the physical, somatic symptoms individuals felt. They had headaches, physical pain, couldn't even get out of bed to participate in therapeutic services. This was a problem for me as a therapist wanting to help people cognitively and emotionally better but they didn't "feel" better physically I mean and the answer was to prescribe pain medications. Now I'm not against medications at all but I think it's also important to look deeper. 


I wanted to do more as a mental health provider, to look at individuals from a "whole-person" perspective with components of mind, body, soul/spiritual, family/social etc. There is so much that impacts a person's well-being. We need to incorporate these factors into how we assess, treat and support others. MIND.BODY.SOULutions, LLC, ultimately is a business that focuses on bridging the two worlds of mental health and physical health together. As a therapist I provide traditional therapy focusing on issues of depression, anxiety, mood issues, anger, divorce/parenting, relationships/couples, perinatal disorders. I offer yoga in conjunction with therapy, educating individuals what is happening in the mind and how that affects the body. Knowledge is powerful, when people realize they aren't alone, they aren't a failure or weak they begin to feel more in control of themselves. Sometimes our mind and body is working against us with chemicals that release and interventions and techniques like yoga, breath work, meditation and imagery can ease ailments of both mind and body alongside psychotherapy. If depressed our thoughts are not likely positive and that negative thinking impacts the way we feel in our body increasing fatigue, pain, etc and then this in turn leads to behaviors or actions that are unhealthy like poor eating habits, substance use, risky behaviors, anger, etc. It's a vicious cycle and I'm hoping to bring courage and skills to those who desire to break that cycle. 


So after all that, why blog? I want people to know they don't just have to go through the motions, there is hope, they have the strength within them and the ability to not accept what is just for what it is. As we begin this new year, make 2018 the year you take time to notice you; the way you think, the way you feel and act. Make time for you, for all of you, for health & wellness of both MIND & BODY to find SOULutions in your life! 

 MIND.BODY.SOULutions, LLC has a vested interest in all information shared. Please keep in mind this blog is meant for informational purposes only. Material may be copyrighted. 


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