Holiday Season

So it's officially here, no amount of avoidance can delay the anticipated arrival of the Holidays. Despite us Michiganders who tell ourselves it's not really Christmas without the white snow, this year we are without as of this eve and yet Christmas still will arrive. Last minute wrapping, planning, decor, entertainment, food, baking and much more behind the scenes, we gather around with family, friends and try to make lasting memories. We look back and look forward, we rest, we invest in quality time. But to many out there this is a hard time, a time of grievance, of loss and sadness for some. It's a holiday season but a season at that. Just like the one we are experiencing now; long, wintry, cold, harsh, grey and dreary at times. A season is just that, a time period of changes. As humans we experience seasons of our own much like the weather. The weather patterns of each season affect us differently just like this holiday season. This season can bring up sadness gathering with loved ones while missing one significant person. Or as everyone is off gathering with family and friends but you have no where to go, no family, it can be lonely. Maybe, you are divorced and having to split your kids time. In a time of giving, you have little to give because of finances.

While we know this is supposed to be a season of celebration and togetherness, we are reminded that for some this can be a challenging time. If you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, emotional know that it's normal. We must take time to experience each season knowing that it won't last forever, that the weather patterns will soon change. But in experiencing it, feeling it, the good, bad, long, stressful, joyful, memories and more we are able to appreciate it for what it is, accept it as it is. A season, with weather of it's own. I think of my favorite mindfulness script visualizing ouself as a mountain, in that we can embody the mountain. The mountain experiencing weather of it's own is unchanged by the clouds, the freezing temps, the sun, and the pelting rain around it. Unchanged by what happens on the surface, by how people see it or don't. It remains essentially itself, the mountain, experiencing it all yet still, steady and solid in it's foundation. Remind yourself that you are the mountain. You can withstand any weather pattern, any season. No matter the chaos around us during this busy time, you are a solid rooted mountain.

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