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Darion Oberle, LMSW

As a clinician, I know it is important to walk beside you in the journey of life and healing. My work with clients is through compassion, humor, gentle confrontation, and unconditional positive regard. Whether you have a specific issue or just don't quite feel like yourself reaching out to someone is a great first step. I work with children, adolescents, using psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy to not only treat symptoms but also to understand yourself through your experiences.

I am here to help guide you on your journey to healing and reignite the vital fire in order to live a full life we all strive for. I am passionate about helping you connect to yourself, others, and the world. By gaining a sense of steadiness in the mind you will navigate your life with more clarity, control, and confidence.


I practice on an individualized level and cater to your needs by providing clients a safe space to explore themselves and each experience they've encountered in sessions. My ultimate goal as your therapist is to empower you to feel more at peace with the ebbs and flows of life. 

My Story

Darion’s motivation for starting as a partner with mind body soulution’s began from a desire to be an integrated member of a team environment in the north Kent area. It also comes from the passion she holds for treating the whole person and meeting everyone where they are at. Darion considers herself an eclectic therapist, who focuses on different approaches based on the clients specific needs. Her preferred methods of treatment include psychodynamic treatment, parts work, CBT, and mindfulness.


Darion grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. In her free time she enjoys connecting to nature through camping, hiking, and swimming. Outside of her professional role, moving her body and continuously pushing herself outside of her comfort zone through learning new things or new experiences is what fills her cup. 


Darion attended Northern Michigan University (NMU) receiving her bachelors of science in 2017. During her time at NMU she began to become involved in schools and local organizations centered around children and their family’s mental health and how it relates to their over all well being. After graduation, Darion worked as a community programs coordinator that allowed her to touch more families, connecting them to local programs and resources. Knowing that she wanted to eventually treat clients on an individualized level, she began pursuing her master’s of social work at Grand Valley State University. During Darion’s time at Grand Valley State, she did her practicum with National Heritage Academies and post graduation became a full time school social worker inside for the school system. 


During the pandemic, Darion felt she could do more to help support the people of the Grand Rapids community. She then began with a private practice where she specialized in psychodynamic treatment with a variety of different ages. This is where she found her passion for all ages expanding outside of children and families.


Darion’s mission includes helping clients of all ages to succeed with the ebbs and flows of life. During her time with clients she encouages finding confidence in themselves while building a structure within that lasts long after the therapy session is over. The therapy process can be intimidating and she’d love to take the journey with you. 


Your opportunity for growth begins now. Let us take that journey together. 


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