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Emotional Support Animal


Although semi-retired you may see me, Kenzey or as some call me "Moosey" running around the office from time to time. I am a golden retriever. Kenzey is here to provide emotional comfort and occasionally comes to the office. Below are some tips to interacting with Kenzey. 

Emotional Support Assessments are conducted within our practice, determination is not guaranteed.


Things to know

1. Make me sit before petting me. 


2. I am here to provide comfort throughout sessions and may come to you and gently kiss hand or rest head on lap as I pick up on different emotions. Other wise I typically enjoy  laying down. If I do come to you feel free to pet me as I keep my hair nice and clean and fluffy for you. If you are not wanting to engage use the phrase “Go lay down”. 


3. For children, I am very playful at times but know that I am here for a reason just as you are, so I have to save playtime for another time. I may be engaged with at times for therapeutic fun before or after our work in session.


Other pups present

You might see other dogs present who are in training of supporting clients of our office. Our office suite is shared between two practices and supports education, supervision and training experiences for clinicians and emotionally support animals. 

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